About me


My name is Jan and I am the owner and creator at Ivy Upcycling. In November 2019 I was looking for a gentler way of life and I realised that I was never happier than when I was creating things, painting and sewing. 

My business was started after I turned to my creative skills to rehabilitate myself during recovery from an auto immune condition that had rocked my world.  Released from my 9 to 5 work I learnt new skills and started doing pop ups at local gift and sustainable fairs. I started working alongside my lovely Dad who used his wood turning skills to create beautiful things and I started supplying him with waste wood to make me various shaped templates that I could use to bring all my creative ideas into fruition. My husband became the key to me finding furniture items to upcycle or waste wood to chop up and other friends and relatives were happy to donate materials for me to use rather than send them to landfill. I found that I was even more passionate than I'd realised about doing my bit to create a more sustainable world and that I could combine both creativity and helping the planet by wasting less. I really wanted to help others see how they too can buy whilst reducing their impact on our world.

After a nervous start to taking Ivy Upcycling on the road I discovered a love of  meeting my customers. I love listening to feedback and talking to like minded people who want to buy pretty things but also feel like they are helping our planet by living in a more sustainable way. I realised this gentle way of living was not just about me but about our world and there were lots of you out there seeking the same thing.

I learnt my painting techniques at Peggys Cove in Sue's workshops and love using her handmade eco friendly paint.  In March I was all set to make my business official and upgrade it from a crafting hobby when along came "lock down". After a rocky few weeks where my condition flared and we all struggled to find our way, Making became my therapy and I was happy to join a local team using my sewing skills to help the NHS.

As we all faced the next stage of this journey I finally decided it was time to put some considerable effort into making my business available to all by creating my website so that I could reach out to those like minded customers during these times of change. I have so many ideas about new products and projects are stacking up in the workshop! I am excited to share them with you so do keep in touch, follow me on facebook and instagram for all the latest news and products.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Ivy Upcycling online and I would love to hear any feedback you have about the products I stock and anything else you would like to see. If you are looking for something in particular or have a small table you would like upcycling then please get in touch. You can direct message me or email me at info@ivyupcycling.co.uk.

Thank you for your support 

Jan x